Iphone case of the month

Boyo phone case

by Kekli

Limited edition of fine art cases.
Phone case for Iphone 7 & Iphone 8.
More fun to come.


« Gribouilleur & Street Maroufleur & Papertoyer & Designer »

In the 90s, Kekli begins painting via hip-hop culture with graffiti. Over time, a character takes a more and more important place in his work, the “Boyo”, a yellow ovoid head with a frozen smile.

He draws, stencils, glues and paints his wide-smiling characters around the streets of our cities, paying tribute to the heroes of his childhood and the icons of pop culture.

These smiles scattered in the streets try to bring other smiles, to generate an answer, a smile of the passer-by, to get him out of his routine even for a few seconds.


High quality phone cases, unique design

Iphone 7 case

Limited edition

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Iphone 8 case

Limited edition

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Iphone8 hard case

Limited edition

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Thanks Kekli

for the crazy design